Clinic provides free health care to promote illness prevention

'Take A Loved One To A Doctor Day' annual event

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio - The Cleveland Clinic's Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center in East Cleveland offered free health screenings and free physicals to the public.

Ramona Wilson came for a thorough health checkup.

"A friend of mine referred me to come here for Take A Loved One To A Doctor Day," she said. "because I haven't had health insurance in a few years and they were concerned and wanted me to get a free physical."

That's exactly why the Clinic created this day. They're offering preventative care for people without insurance or those that haven't seen a doctor in years.

Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center Medical Director Dr. Nana Kobaivanova said this is why health events like these are so important.

"Our goal is to equip patients with all the resources and tools they need in order to change their behavior and come and maintain their healthy lifestyles and try to keep themselves healthy"

Takeisha Mixon brought her Mom, Yvonne Brooks, here for a physical. Mom hasn't seen a doctor in years. Yvonne said the main reason was "no health insurance."

Kobaivanova said people, if insured, are more likely to deal with their health care issues before they become serious.

"With the Affordable Health Care Act, more people are going to get insured and that's going to move patients from the emergency room department visits towards primary care."

The health screenings, which included blood pressure and cholesterol level checks, were open to anyone.

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