Gina DeJesus and her family grateful for the installation of a privacy fence completed Sunday

CLEVELAND - For the first time, Gina talks to NewsChannel5.

She said more words off camera than on, but she is not at all shy. Still Sunday, Gina DeJesus opened up to NewsChannel5 about how excited she is now that the final pieces of wood went up today to complete her privacy fence.

"I really wanted it. It meant a lot to me," said Gina.

Nancy Ruiz, Gina's mother said, "The difference is privacy, of her being able to come out, walk out and do what she wants."

Matt McMillen, President of Budget 1 Fence, donated the 6ft privacy fence to the DeJesus family, which is worth about $4,000 after instillation and the trips to City Hall to get the wanted 6ft tall height approved.

"I thank them from the bottom of my heart," said Ruiz standing with Gina. According to Ruiz, many people have stopped at the home to take pictures, including media. She also said bicycles were stolen from the home ever since Gina returned.

The DeJesus family gave NewsChannel5 permission to come to the home to see the new fence Sunday morning.

Ruiz also discussed the first photos of Amanda Berry out in public at a concert just the night before, her first public appearance since she, DeJesus and Michelle Knight escaped Seymour Avenue.

"I am excited for her [Amanda Berry]. I am so proud of her. I'm glad that she's out and about, and this is what these girls need," said Ruiz.

Once finished, one of the first things Gina did was bring her three dogs out. She and family also hung around outside in their newly fenced-in backyard, enjoying the weather.

Gina laughed telling NewsChannel5 she purchased sunglasses and a bathing suit with plans to tan in the backyard once the fence was complete. 

Some other things she and her mom talked about were how things have been for them, Nancy saying, "Awesome," followed by Gina with, "amazing," and both naturally embracing one another with a big hug.

Gina said she has plans to enjoy her time with family and friends and in the future is looking at home schooling first and then college.

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