Inside the Cleveland FBI: Firearms training

PORT CLINTON, Ohio - It is a tool of the trade, a weapon in their crime fighting arsenal and being on target could be the difference between life or death.

That's the reason FBI special agents are put through intensive training and must qualify with their weapons at least four times a year. Many U.S. police officers are required to qualify twice a year.

Special Agent Lee Hopper, a principal firearms instructor with the Cleveland FBI, said, "When you're under stress you are going to react, not going to be able to think it through, more of a reaction." So weapons training is imperative.

Giving citizens a glimpse into the world of the FBI is what the FBI Citizens' Academy is designed to do. For the final day of the academy, the group headed west to Port Clinton and Camp Perry for range day.

FBI agents put weapons in the hands of members of this year's class. We got an abbreviated version of the training agents receive. Some in the class have never fired a weapon before.

Each member took a turn at shooting five different weapons. The reason, FBI Special Agent In Charge Stephen Anthony, said, "To see how a weapon functions, to see how serious this business is and the skill it takes to operate one."

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