Lake County's suburban black bear spotted early Tuesday morning in Mentor

MENTOR, Ohio - Lake County's suburban black bear was spotted again Tuesday morning.

Mentor Police reported to NewsChannel5 just after midnight that the bear was sighted by a woman leaving her home in the area of Deepwood Boulevard and OH-84.

Monday, the bear popped up in Wickliffe and Willoughby neighborhoods as well.

Black bear sightings in Ohio increase yearly with over 200 in 2012 and increasing numbers in northeast Ohio. Black bears are a protected species in Ohio.

The bears are generally fearful of people and will avoid contact, which is why they usually do not stray far from wooded areas during the daytime hours. They tend to keep moving to new areas so it is unlikely the same bear will be seen repeatedly in the same places.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife reminds residents to keep their distance from the bear if spotted. Do not try to get close and do not try to feed or leave food for the bear. Black Bears may become aggressive if cornered or if they have cubs.

The ODNR has been made aware of the sightings. Visit the ODNR's website for further information about black bears in the State of Ohio.

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