Lakewood Park Fourth of July rules: Prepared to get searched, don't bring pets, alcohol or tents

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - If you plan on going to Lakewood Park to watch the concert which starts at 7 p.m. or catch the fireworks, you should be prepared to get your bag searched.

Lakewood's Mayor Michael Summers said its a safety issue.

"Obviously not a small purse or a wallet. Those are not the things we have in mind," said Summers. It's only people with large bags and coolers. Anyone who refuses to be searched can get into the park minus their bag.

"We are very mindful of the Fourth Amendment issue dealing with illegal searches. It's a very fine line we walk here," said Summers from his office. "We are respectful of our citizens' rights but on the other hand we have a duty to protect," he continued.

Summers said the city has received no threat but in light of events in Boston and Newtown, Connecticut they are taking the necessary precautions.

"The extreme events we have to be cognizant of - I think our citizens in Lakewood expect us to think about these types of possibilities and what we might do to protect them," he said.

The do's and don'ts are posted across several areas in the park. The list includes:

- No generators, propane grills
- No tents and shelters
- No alcoholic beverages at any time
- No personal fireworks, no dogs or pets allowed all day
- Skate park, basketball courts, tennis courts, and kids cove will close at 7 p.m.

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