Lakewood residents say drivers don't yield at Detroit Avenue and Manor Park crosswalk

Traffic light removed over congestion, air quality

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Lakewood residents are expressing anger over a crosswalk that they say is extremely dangerous.

"It's terrible," said Nancy Mobley, a Lakewood resident. "The people cannot get across, the older people do not have time to make it. They do not stop."

Mobley said she used to use the PNC Bank near the crosswalk at Detroit Avenue and Manor Park Avenue, but once she realized how unsafe it is to cross, she withdrew her money and went elsewhere.

"It's like they ignore you," said Vonni Rubin, another Lakewood resident. "I could be standing about to walk, and they're just speeding by."

Rubin said she no longer uses the crosswalk either.

The crosswalk was installed last year after the state took out a traffic light at the intersection. Local officials said the state decided the light caused traffic congestion and air quality issues. It would cost the city about $140,000 to reinstall the light.

"The law states that when you're within a crosswalk the vehicles have to stop," said Capt. Gary Sprague of the Lakewood Police Department.

Sprague said his department has received numerous complaints about the crosswalk, which has prompted officers to patrol the area more. But when NewsChannel5 asked police how many tickets it's written to driver or pedestrian violators at the Detroit and Manor Park crosswalk this year, they said none.

"Nobody stops," Mobley said. "They all stand there and wait for them to stop, and they will not stop."

When NewsChannel5 spent time at the crosswalk on Thursday, at least a dozen people tried to cross but cars didn't yield.

It's the same situation that Lakewood Patch Editor Colin McEwen experienced Wednesday when he did his own experiment for the news website. He said only about two drivers obeyed the law and yielded to him as the pedestrian out of 100 in a span of 45 minutes.

"It's a busy intersection," McEwen said. "Sometimes they drive through fast and they're texting on their phones."

Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers said he will be reevaluating the safety of the crosswalk and would like the city to install better signage.

"If you're not really careful or cautious, you're an accident waiting to happen," Rubin said.

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