Local man challenges open carry law for guns in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - You can say what you want about radio talk show host Art McKoy but he gets people talking.

Art had Joe, who did not want his last name to be used, on his show. Joe is very passionate about his right to own and bare arms. The discussion was on.

What started this spirited debate was that Joe walked the streets of Cleveland last week with a fully loaded AR-15. It held a thirty round magazine. His walk lasted quite a few blocks. He had a photographer on hand to document his walk.

There is a law on the books for "Conceal Carry" but not one for "Open Carry" and Joe wanted to make his point that he should be allowed to do what he wants.

He is quite clear that he is not a big fan of the police or government and the government is infringing on his right to be able to purchase and carry an assault rifle.

"It boils down to who has the guns, whoever has the guns is the people who have power," the man said.

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