Local Syrian-American says children in Syria live in fear, wants country to go back to normal

CLEVELAND - "I can't anymore watch the bodies, watch kids killed," said Lubna Allaf.

Allaf, from Syria, lives in Westlake now. She moved to America when she was 24 years old. As President of the Ohio Chapter of the Syrian-American Alliance, she's fighting for Syria to be free and its people safe.

But she's hoping President Obama will give the Syrian regime time to leave the country to prevent an air strike and the killing of more innocent people. 

"I really don't want the strike but if it has to happen to stop the killings, it has to happen," said Allaf.

"I can't wait to see the people in my country back to normal, people are not scared anymore, especially the kids," said Allaf. "There are kids who haven't gone to school in two years. They live in fear, they are hungry, they are scared."


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