Lorain Police officers disciplined for taking a suspect home instead of to jail

Lorain, Ohio - Two Lorain police officers are under fire from brass after giving a burglary suspect a ride home instead of a ride to jail.

Lorain Police confirms that Sgt. Les Palmer and Patrol Officer Matt Bonkoski were issued disciplinary letters by division commander Roger Watkins stemming from the July 30 incident.

Lt. Watkins states that Sgt. Palmer received a written warning because he failed to offer more direct supervision to Patrol Officer Bonkoski.

Bonkoski was also advised to keep his patrol car radio volume up higher.

According to Lt Watkins, the investigation was launched after the July 30 incident where officers responded to a report of a male breaking into a resident's home. Officer Bonkoski arrived on scene and located the suspect, who he thought was simply an intoxicated who mistook the home as his own. Instead of arresting the man, Officer Bonkoski gave him a lift home.

Lt. Watkins reports that the male should have been arrested for charges like criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct or disorderly conduct by intoxication to burglary.

Sgt. Palmer and Officer Bonkoski also failed to file a report.

The suspect was later charged with burglary, which was dismissed.

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