No timetable for vote on random drug tests of Brecksville-Broadview Heights students

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio - Parents of Brecksville-Broadview Heights students shouldn't expect a decision soon on random drug testing.

Despite posting a draft policy on the district's website, school board members told NewsChannel5 they are only in the preliminary phases and have no timetable for a vote on the proposal to randomly test students before allowing them to participate in extracurricular activities.  

That followed a contentious meeting with parents concerned about the controversial topic that members say actually came from the student body.

"If a parent or someone thinks that their child is involved in drugs or alcohol abuse they should be able to decide to have their child tested, or to not have their child tested, and it should be done in a private way," said parent Joyce Barchet.

The topic will not be discussed at next week's meeting.

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