North Olmsted practice provides free dental care

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio - Friday was "Smiles from the Heart" day at the Advanced Dental Care & Aesthetics Clinic in North Olmsted.

This is the fourth year that Drs. Steven and Barjesh Walters have provided dental care free of charge.

"We're very grateful for everything that we have and the ability to provide for our families," said Steve Walters. "So it's just a way for us to pay that back or pay that forward."

The husband and wife dental team, with the help of nearly 30 combined staff and volunteers, worked through the day providing filings, cleanings and extractions to the first 100 people who showed up. Almost all of their patients had no dental coverage.

Candace Ristagno was there with sons Roman and Quintin. Their family lost their coverage during a change of jobs from New York to Cleveland.

"Times are a little tough right now," said Ristagno, "we thought to come here rather than try to go and have to pay for it."

For the Walters and staff, lending a helping hand is what the day was all about.

"We probably get more out of today then the patients do. It just makes us feel good and we really feel like we've contributed to other peoples' lives in some important way."

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