Parma Pierogies founder Mary Poldruhi looks to make frozen food comeback

Proceeds to support programs for abused children

CLEVELAND - Northeast Ohio pierogi lovers may soon be able to purchase a taste of Cleveland's past when visiting the grocery store.

Parma Pierogies founder Mary Poldruhi is looking to bring back the popular delicacy from the 1990s. Former President Bill Clinton even stopped twice to enjoy them while in town.

"People recognize the brand. It's never died," said Poldruhi.

Poldruhi plans on resurrecting the frozen food division only. She plans on taking head-on her only national competition.

What motivated Mary to re-start the business was hearing the tragic story of a child dying after being returned to an abusive home.

Poldruhi has already decided to offer two-thirds of Parma Pierogies' proceeds after taxes to support programs for neglected and abused children, homeless families with children, preventative services and more.

"If we can bring pierogies back but at the same time know that those dollars are going to go into helping kids, than I couldn't think of a better way to bring our brand back," said Mary.

Poldruhi has collected donations and is still in the process of raising the necessary start-up business capital. She has been offered one year of free rent at a warehouse in Oberlin to get the business going again.

Grocery stores in northeast Ohio are interested in bringing Parma Pierogies back to their stores.

"We're ready to go," said Poldruhi. "The building drawings are done. The equipment is ready to call in. Hopefully by summertime we'll be up and running and manufacturing again."

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