Parma Theater owner opposes historical preservation site resolution

Worries theater's marketability will be impacted

PARMA, Ohio - The Ridge Essen Company, owner of Parma Theater, opposed the resolution introduced by Parma councilwoman Deborah Lime to designate the closed theater as a historical preservation site.

Attorneys representing the owner presented their objection before the Parma Planning Committee on Monday. 

The property owner said the resolution was not introduced in compliance with the applicable Codified Ordinances of the city of Parma. The theater owner also said the property does not meet Parma Codified Ordinance criteria.

The Ridge Essen Company is also concerned the historical designation will significantly impact the marketability of the property and will deter any future redevelopment of the property.

Attorneys representing the owner declined an on-camera interview but stated over the phone that the theater owner does not want to "overblow" the issue.

Lime was not surprised by the opposition to her resolution.

"That's OK. I understand they have their reasons to object and I have my reasons to move forward," said Lime. "My biggest thing is I want to save the Parma Theater."

The resolution is still with Parma Planning Commission for discussion.

A grassroots campaign is under way to raise money to purchase the theater and for future renovations. Lime envisions an arts center for Parma and the region.

"I don't look at it (opposition) as a stumbling block," said Lime. "We are going to continue to move forward with what the volunteers want to do and with what we have to do."

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