Pit bull puppy nursed back to health by cat improves at Cleveland Animal Protective League

CLEVELAND - Just a few short weeks ago, Noland was dropped off without his mother at the Cleveland Animal Protective League. At just 1-day-old, the staff was worried that the young pit bull pup would not survive.

The APL's veterinarian and animal team were faced with a challenge and decided to see if a new mother cat at the agency would accept the puppy into her family.

Luckily for Noland, Lurlene and her new  litter immediately welcomed the puppy with no hesitation.

Less than two weeks later, Noland is continuing to improve.

The Cleveland Animal Protective League posted an update Monday on its Facebook page.

"Noland, Lurlene, and her kittens are all doing well! Noland is starting to walk and his kitten "sisters" are beginning to play! Mama Lurlene is also doing wonderful!"

Noland continues to spend his days with Lurlene and his four siblings. However, because of his size, Noland is bottle fed more throughout the day.

"Lurlene is doing a wonderful job," said Ayse Dunlap, director of operations at the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

The organization is still not accepting inquiries on Noland's adoption.

"He's still so young," said Dunlap. "We're not describing him as out of the woods, yet."


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