Police patrols increased at Lakewood schools Friday due to prevalent end-of-the-world chatter

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Lakewood police amped up patrols in all schools Friday due to chatter about the end-of-the-world possibly happening.

The police department said the topic of the world coming to an end was so prevalent in their schools and in the social media world, that police have decided to monitor the situation.

Officers said all of the talk thus far is unsubstantiated and is not credible.

Here is a statement the district issued later Friday morning:

"Rumors have been circulating about a possible threat of a shooting at Lakewood High School today. District and Lakewood Police officials have been investigating this rumor since last night and found no validity to it. The high emotions of the week related to the Mayan calendar "end of the world" prediction and aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy has prompted some additional rumors. Please know that our students' safety is our top concern and we are taking these rumors very seriously and all have been found to be only rumors. Additional security, including Lakewood Police Officers, will be in and around the high school today as a safety precaution. We also encourage anyone who witnesses anything suspicious to share these concerns with administration or call our 24-hour security hotline at 216-227-5311. Thank you for your support and cooperation."

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