Principal of Chapman Elementary School in Strongsville is fed up with school vandals

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - The principal of Chapman Elementary School in Strongsville is fed up.

Vandals have been targeting his school and lately, they've crossed the line.

"They're risking their own lives and their own safety, wasting taxpayer money and disgracing our school," Andy Trujillo said.

The latest act of vandalism happened over the Labor Day weekend when someone destroyed a buckeye tree that students planted a few years ago on Arbor Day.  Before that, the vandals hoisted a steel table top and bicycles up the flagpole.

Trujillo said they've left drug paraphernalia on the playground and carved obscenities on classroom windows.

"We put a camera up," he said, "and somebody risked their own life and limb to climb over barbed wire, onto an antenna, jump on the building roof just to knock it down."

"Statistics tell us it's most likely teenage males that live right here in the immediate community," Trujillo said. "I think they're bored and unsupervised."

He said police will be keeping an eye on the area and he's asking the community to keep their eyes and ears open, too, and report anything they see.

"Enough is enough," he said. "So I'm asking the community to help me and maybe we can put an end to it."

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