Snow covers yard-size Lyndhurst 'Eggshelland' tribute to Ron Manolio

LYNDHURST, Ohio - The early spring snow storm dumped a white blanket on an annual display of thousands of Easter egg shells in suburban Cleveland.

The Manolio family in Lyndhurst has been putting on a yard-sized display of painted egg shells for 55 years and this will be the last. The family patriarch died last August.

Seventy-nine-year-old Betty Manolio woke up Monday to find the thousands of eggs covered with several inches of snow. It's too difficult to brush off the snow, so she will await warmer weather.

She says the popular attraction had gotten covered by snow as late as April.

The shells are arranged into items including an Easter bunny, a duck and a cross. Themes over the years have included Betsy Ross and the Wizard of Oz.

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