Strongsville City School District teachers return to their classrooms after strike

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Strongsville teachers went back to school Monday afternoon after an eight-week strike that ended over the weekend.

"We are thrilled beyond belief to be back," said kindergarten teacher Christine Canning.

At Zellers Elementary, where Canning teaches, teachers honked their horns as they returned to school in a caravan shortly before 2 p.m. They then paused for prayer before entering the building hand in hand.

A parent brought her two children and a nephew by to greet the teachers and bring them cards. She said she also brought cards to the substitute teachers, who moved out of the buildings Monday morning.

Students had Monday off, but will return to class on Tuesday.

"My students better buckle in," sixth-grade teacher John Lipowski said. "We're going to have a heck of an end of the year. We've got a lot of time to make up. We're going to do everything we can to do that."

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