Strongsville council passes resolution urging an end to teachers' strike, student claims bullying

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Strongsville City Council held a special session Tuesday to consider a resolution urging an end to the Strongsville teachers' strike.

Members of the Strongsville Education Association were in attendance as the resolution passed.  It supports the students of the Strongsville School District, and urges both the Strongsville Board of Education and Strongsville Education Association to resolve their pending dispute and work stoppage as soon as possible.

"The time has come," said Mayor Thomas Perciak. "And I don't know which side needs to blink. I don't know which side needs to bend.  But somebody needs to bend. Somebody needs to blink."

Strongsville High School student Louie Laquatra has been an outspoken critic of the teachers' strike and a couple of weeks ago, he organized a student protest.

He says he's being bullied in the newspaper and on Facebook and believes it is by adults.

"Go jump off a bridge because you're a worthless scum of a student. I've been called pansy and some other words that I can't air on TV," Laquatra said he has faced.

Talks between the union and school board broke off Monday night with no progress reported. The school board is urging the union to present the board's last best offer to its membership for a vote.

"We did that March 3," said SEA president Tracy Linscott. "It's the same last best offer and our members voted it down by 94 percent. So no, we will not be submitting it again."

The union, meanwhile, has issued another call for the board to enter into binding interest arbitration.

The strike is now in it's sixth week.

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