Strongsville union president says teachers will suspend picketing until at least Sunday

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - During a Friday morning news conference, the Strongsville Education Association president announced members of the teachers union will suspend picketing until at least Sunday.

That's when the union will attend a bargaining session in Independence with the Board of Education's team and federal mediators.

Strongsville Education Association President, Tracy Linscott, said the union is asking the board to stay at the session for as long as it takes to settle the contract.

Linscott said the school board has a political agenda and called the teachers' strike, now in week seven, personal.

"For this board, it's not about resuming classes that have not been taught in seven weeks. For this board, it is about prolonging the strike in order to win," Linscott said to teachers attending the morning news conference.

The bargaining session Sunday is scheduled for 2 p.m. 

Linscott said in hopes of a settlement Sunday, the union is symbolically ending its picketing. She also made a public plea to the board:

"In the absence of an agreement, sign the binding interest arbitration and return their teachers to the classroom before it's too late."

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