Students live by Martin Luther King Jr.'s lessons at Campus International School in Cleveland

'Color-blind' students see each other differently

CLEVELAND - In 2010, Campus International School opened its doors after reaching an agreement to partner with Cleveland State. It's been a success ever since.

Led by principal Julie Beers, the school has changed locations from its original Euclid Avenue site to Chester Avenue and along the way added an additional grade level each year since.

Veteran teacher Dora Bechtel spent 13 years in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, but the instant she walked in to Campus International she knew she had found an environment of positivity on another level.

"When you walk in here as a parent or a teacher, an adult, the way the teachers treat the students, how they talk to them and the respect among them, they are modeling exactly what they want the students to exhibit," Bechtel said.

Fifth grader Dade Fuller, who comes from a bi-racial family, said his move from his neighborhood's Denison Elementary School has made all the difference in his outlook on school work. The way students and staff treat each other is a catalyst for his desire to stay at campus right through 12th grade. Fuller said he especially likes being a role model to the younger children in grades below him.

"That's what being a role model is actually supposed to do, be a leader," Fuller said.

Taking Mandarin language classes, Fuller said his life couldn't be much better on his way to becoming a firefighter when he gets older.

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