Family of Ashley Summers wonders if Elias Acevedo knows anything about her disappearance

CLEVELAND - Elias Acevedo's indictment has one local family wondering if the murder suspect knows anything about their missing family member, Ashley Summers.

Summers went missing six years ago and was last seen by family in Acevedo's neighborhood.

Debbie Summers has spent many nights driving the streets of Cleveland in search of her niece, Ashley.

"Everyday, I think about her, I wonder where she is. Is she ok. One night I just sat on one street for a long time, because someone said they saw her, so I sat there until about 3am in the morning, just waiting for her," Summers recalls.

But there's been no confirmed sighting - and little trace of this girl with a vibrant smile since early July 2007.

Summers was 14 when she vanished.

Her family said they last saw her at W.14th and Holmden at her uncle's house where she was living.

That location is less than two miles from Elias Acevedo's last known registered address as well as his previous two addresses, according to public records.

Acevedo is a registered sex offender and behind bars - indicted earlier this week for killing Christina Adkins and Pamela Pemberton.

The bodies of both women were dumped in the same area.

Debbie hopes that her niece's disappearance is not connected to Adkins and Pemberton, but said she became more suspicious of Acevedo when NewsChannel5 broke the news that a contractor found women's underwear in the ceiling of his former home on Vega.

Summers' first thought: "More women, those are not the only ones."

Whose underwear it is and why it was hidden there is still unclear.

But what is clear is that Summers has hope that she'll see her beloved niece again.

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