Travelers leery about flying into Boston with heightened security issues; no flight delays

CLEVELAND - Flights to and from Boston's Logan Airport continue, but with heightened security. In Cleveland flights left on time to Boston.

There were reports of delays getting to the airport in Boston because of security measures being taken there, but no reports of canceled flights.

Travelers in Cleveland were grateful that law enforcement seemed to have a handle on the situation.

"It's really shocking but I'm thankful that we have the police officers in the state taking control and making sure that our community and our city is safe for both its residents and its visitors," said Bostonian Michael Mendigorin.

Mendigorin and his co-worker Abbey Randa have been in Cleveland on business all week. They turned to broadcasting networks to find out what was going on in their hometown.

"It's just heartbreaking," said Abbey Randa, "It's our home and it's like completely torn apart and now everyone's scared to leave their homes which is really terrible."

With the Boston community on lockdown doctors Nate and Suzy Berger are worried about their family members there.

"It's nerve wracking and it's worrisome," said Dr. Berger, "It's worrisome even more because of the fact that we have family and a 3 year old grand child in Cambridge."

For travelers leaving for Boston there's also concern because they don't know what to expect when they arrive.
"We hope things will be resolved by the time we get there, otherwise we'll be in the airport until things open up and we can get into the city," said Dr. Berger.

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