Tri-C professor says more conspiracy theories about JFK's assassination than 'other three combined'

HIGHLAND HILLS, Ohio - Professor Christopher Kinsella, teaches history and political science at Cuyahoga Community College Eastern Campus.

Kinsella says he started studying American Presidents back in graduate school and his interest in John F. Kennedy grew.

"Why of the four Presidents we've had assassinated are there more conspiracy theories around one President than the other three combined," Kinsella said.

Kinsella said his research took him to Dallas's Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy was shot and killed. That's where he said he came across what he considers an odd discovery.

He went to the 6th floor museum at the plaza, the location where decades ago Lee Harvey Oswald fired those fatal shots.

"In the entire museum, you can walk the whole floor, but you can't stand where Oswald stood. That has been closed for decades now."

"That window is painted shut. You cannot see through it."

Kinsella said he couldn't even get an answer from the museum.

NewsChannel5 contacted the museum and we were told the area, now encased in glass, is protected to keep it just like it was back on November 22, 1963 when the assassination happened.

Regardless, Kinsella believes Oswald acted alone. He said when it comes to people's fascination with Kennedy, he believes in time, that will fade.

"I really wonder if it won't be the Kennedy generation that will ever accept anything other than the conspiracy theories that it's going to have to be the generations that come later on."

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