VIDEO: Men in Brecksville bomb plot place dud explosives at Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge

CLEVELAND - Video released on Friday shows a group of men attempting to blow up a bridge in Brecksville.

The five men were arrested last April when they tried to detonate what they thought was a bomb along Route 82, federal agents said.

The suspects believed they bought two improvised explosives, but the seller was actually an undercover FBI informant. Agents were monitoring the men by video as they placed two improvised explosive devices at the base of the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge.

When the remote detonator didn't work, agents moved in and made the arrests. The FBI said the bombs were duds and the bridge was never in danger.

Just last week the fifth and final suspect was convicted on two counts of using weapons of mass destruction and one count of explosive materials. Joshua Stafford, 24, of Cleveland, chose to represent himself in the three-day trial. He will be sentenced on Sept. 11.

His fellow defendants have already been sentenced to prison time after pleading guilty: Douglas L. Wright, of Indianapolis, to 11 and a half years; Brandon L. Baxter, of Lakewood, to nine years and nine months; Connor C. Stevens, of Berea, to eight years and one month and Anthony M. Hayne, of Cleveland, to six years.

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