Westlake couple running Cleveland half marathon Sunday loses 200 pounds together

WESTLAKE, Ohio - A Westlake couple running the Rite-Aid Cleveland half marathon Sunday is sharing their inspirational weight loss success story with NewsChannel5.

Callista and Jason Puchmeyer started to become serious about losing weight a couple years ago.

Puchmeyer said, at one point, while pregnant, she weighed 359 pounds. Her husband was at 300 pounds.

"I started probably in November of 2011. My last baby turned one and I was just feeling really bad about myself," Callista Puchmeyer said.

So this young mother of three, a lawyer at NASA Glenn, started using the gym during her lunch hour at work.

"I used the couch to 5k running plan that a lot of people use. But also incorporated some strength training."

Soon after she started seeing results and her husband Jason was motivated to start his own work out regime.

The couple now works out six times a week. They've been training for the Cleveland half marathon for months. Their main motivation, being able to keep up with their children, ages six and under.

"You definitely have more energy. Just running around with the three kids, you're not as tired. You're more active. You want to do more. You don't want to sit around and sit on the couch and eat a bag of chips," Jason Puchmeyer said.

Callista went from a size 24 to a size 4. Jason is now 200 pounds.

The Cleveland half marathon will be their second half marathon race. But this is the first race they're running together. They want to finish the race in just under two hours to set a personal record.

They're turning running into a family affair and healthy eating is now part of their lifestyle.

The Puchmeyer family stopped eating out at restaurants and you won't find any processed foods in their kitchen. Their young children are learning about healthy living early.

"They know what's healthy, what's treats. I feel like we work hard to try and educate them," Callista said.

On Saturday, the Puchmeyers' children will take part in the kids' run. They will also be at the finish line Sunday, watching their parents cross the finish line.

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