Westlake doctor has mixed reaction about President Obama's plan, worries about family in Syria


One Cleveland-area Syrian-American paid extra close attention to President Obama's speech on Syria Tuesday as his family struggles to survive in the country.

"We are very, very concerned and scared and frustrated. It's beyond any description," said Dr. Khalid Issa of Westlake.

Issa said his family has been imprisoned in their own home for weeks, too fearful of the violent regime to step outside. They are also living without electricity and water for extended periods of time. That's because the government decides to cut it off.

For the past five days, Issa said he's been unable to talk to his family because the government has also cut off cell phone signals and landline phones.

"Are they coping? They're trying to live, but this is not a life," he added.

Issa, who immigrated to the U.S. 30 years ago, was hopeful after Obama's public address. He said he hopes Obama can work to find a diplomatic solution with other countries. But he was dissatisfied that the president failed to talk about a more comprehensive solution that included a transitional government for Syrians.

"We need a leader, we need someone to stand and say enough is enough, and the red line is not only for chemical weapons, it's for all atrocities - mass destruction, weapons you are using to kill innocent people," said Issa.

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