New Cedar Point rides, Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles, coming to the park for 2014 season

SANDUSKY, Ohio - Get ready for new thrills at Cedar Point come next summer.

The amusement park announced Tuesday the addition of two new rides to the Gemini Midway, as well as other changes and renovations.

Pipe Scream will be a "Disk'O Coaster," billed as "the best of a roller coaster and a flat ride in one." The ride boasts more than 300 feet of track, a maximum height of 43 feet above the midway and top speed of 43 MPH.

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Cedar Point's second new ride, Lake Erie Eagles, will aim to make you feel like you're flying. Lake Erie Eagles riders will sit in one of eight carriages suspended from arms located more than 28 feet above the ground. The carriages will swing outward simulating the sensation of flight. A paddle on board will allow riders to control the level of the flight experience.

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Lake Erie Eagles, manufactured by a Texas' Larson International Inc., will be found just across from Pipe Scream, which was produced by New Jersey's Zamperla.

Enhancements will also be made to the Camp Snoopy area of the park. Kid-friendly ride Frog Hopper will be relocated to Camp Snoopy and re-themed as Woodstock's Airmail. The Jr. Gemini roller coaster will be renamed Wilderness Run and its entrance will be moved into Camp Snoopy.

A total of nine rides will now be available to guests in the family-centric area of the park.

Cedar Point also said its two-year renovation project to Hotel Breakers will begin this winter and be carried out in two phases.

The park remains open daily through Labor Day, reopens for a bonus weekend Sept. 6-8 and then holds the popular HalloWeekends event on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays from Sept. 13-27.

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