What's new at Cedar Point in 2014? It's 'Extreme Makeover, Cedar Point Edition'

SANDUSKY, Ohio - What's new at Cedar Point for 2014? Newsnet5.com got a hint on Friday!

Every year, amusement park goers look forward to find out what's going to be built or upgraded at Cedar Point for the next year.

In the past few years, Cedar Point has announced a new coaster, GateKeeper, $60 million to spruce up its hotels and a $1 million animatronic dinosaur attraction

Park officials have been keeping a secret about the newest change, but the picture above was posted on its Facebook page Thursday, and it's getting a lot of comments.

Here is the hint that newsnet5.com received:

"It will be like the popular ABC show, ‘Extreme Makeover, Cedar Point Edition!'," said spokesman Bryan Edwards.

Cedar Point officials will make the official reveal on Tuesday.

What do you think the secret will be? Let us know in the comment box below.

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