Hundreds show support at vigil following Chardon High School shooting

CHARDON, Ohio - Hundreds gathered at a Chardon church Tuesday night following the deadly school shooting at Chardon High School.

Three students died as a result of their injuries from the Monday morning shooting that left two others injured and one student under arrest.

“Let’s mourn together, and I hope sincerely that we all pray together. Let us together begin the process of healing our school family and school community,” Chardon superintendent Joseph Bergant said.

The vigil started at the Church of St. Mary, which sits near Chardon High School, around 7 p.m.

“It’s all about love. It’s about reaching out to people you never thought about reaching out to,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich said. “From one end of Ohio to another, today, tomorrow and the days to come, we all live in Chardon in a sort of way.

The church was filled with people and nearly a thousand others assembled on the church’s grounds. A monitor outside the church provided a video feed, as the community prayed and remembered those killed.

“There’s warmth coming from a lot of places," said one man, who was not bothered by the chilly weather.

“I think it affects all of us. I think bringing this together helps all the kids in the area,” said Laura York, of Parkman.

The news media was not permitted inside.

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