Rescue Village in Geauga County working overtime after more than 120 dogs, cats found in two houses

Novelty, Ohio - Hope Brustein walked the normally spotless halls of Novelty's Rescue Village on Wednesday. Cat travel cages were stacked on each other as more than 120 cats and dogs were rescued from two homes in Geauga County.

One home in Montville and another in Burton yielded the already comfortably-filled animal shelter with, so far, 94 cats, and 22 dogs. Many cats are still hiding in the homes.

Charges of abuse or neglect are not expected in the home with 37 dogs.

"The other case with the cats is still under review as we assess each of the cats' health," humane agent Christian Courtwright said.

To help make room for the newly-rescued animals, Rescue Village is planning an adoption weekend from July 12 through July 14. All animals are immunized and fixed at a reduced rate.

The hope is to have 50 dogs and cats adopted by July 15.

"We're hoping this terrible situation in two homes in Geauga will end up being actually new lives for these animals," Rescue Village Executive Director Hope Brustein said.

For information on adopting Rescue Village animals call 440-338-4819 ext.10, or go to: for links to its Facebook page.

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