Overnight storms cause major damage in Norwalk

Severe Thursday night storms felt all across Northeast Ohio caused major damage in Norwalk in Huron County.  
The National Weather Service said Huron County felt 80- to 90-mile-per-hour winds that caused a storage building roof collapse, took down power lines and uprooted several trees. 
Chelsie Rocco, who said she's pregnant, told NewChannel5 her husband was trying to protect her during the storm. 
"It was like 1:15 in the morning, I don't know, it was pretty early and my husband just threw blankets over me and wrapped me up and was freaking out.  And I'm going, 'Calm down it's no big deal, just a trash can blowing around and the wind," said Rocco before realizing it may have been more than just a trash can blowing around.
In fact, it turned out to be much worse as several neighbors on the other blocks described a "train wreck" outside.  That sound turned out to be a roof collapse at a storage building that housed Smith's Tree Service on North Prospect St.
The owners were able to salvage at least one company vehicle but there was still a truck buried under the rubble.  
In another location, Roderick Poole told NewsChannel5 winds were so strong, it moved his vehicle.
"It just pushed it off. Something hit the side of it and we don't even know what hit the side of it. Nothing is around that we could see that made that kind of damage," said Poole, referring to marks and dents left on his white Chrysler 300. 
Poole and his neighbors believed it was a tornado that touched down in their area.  He described the storm, saying, "I had a candle lit and was seeing the candle shaking on top of my speaker so I went to blow it off and ran into the bathroom."
He was already upstairs and said there was no time to seek shelter in the basement.
The amount of damage, downed power lines and trees caused Norwalk authorities to cancel school Friday.  
Thankfully, Norwalk's Fire Chief said no one was injured but the clean-up process is expected to continue through the rest of the night. 
Ohio Edison crews were working to restore power to many of the homes impacted by the overnight storm. 
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