Deputies say man, girlfriend broke into parents' home, tried pawning stolen WWII memorabilia, more

PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Lake County Sheriff's deputies have charged a couple with burglarizing the man's parents' home.

According to authorities, the home on Overlook Drive was broken into on Jan. 10. A gun, World War II memorabilia, knives, jewelry, collector coins, an antique typewriter and a bank check were stolen, deputies said.

A concerned resident tipped off deputies to the crime by calling them to report being asked where to pawn stolen property.

That sparked an investigation which led to charges against Scott Stasienko, 30, and his 19-year-old girlfriend, Josie Sidoti.

Both had pawned or sold the property taken from Stasienko's parents' home at various pawn and cash for gold shops in the Lake County area, deputies said.

Stasienko was arrested on Jan. 11 on an unrelated domestic violence charge and was subsequently charged with burglary.

Sidoti was arrested on Jan. 14 and was charged with burglary. Additional criminal charges may be filed.

Deputies said they found some of the stolen property during the course of the investigation.

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