Increase in solicitors from funeral homes, utility companies prompts warning from Eastlake Police

EASTLAKE, Ohio - Eastlake police are warning residents about possible scams following an increase in solicitors from funeral homes and utility companies.

One resident reports a couple came to the door of an elderly female and told her they had an appointment to speak about funeral arrangements, according to the Eastlake Police Facebook page.

Another solicitor posed as a utility company representative and asked to see a recent electric bill, Eastlake Police said. The representative explained the company can lower prices for the resident.

Police said some unlawful solicitors working in pairs look for entry into the home. One person will speak to the homeowner while the other will ask to use the bathroom or need to take a phone call. The solicitor will then search the house for easy items to steal.

Solicitors will grab personal information from a utility bill or mail for identity theft purposes, according to police.

Criminals will also pressure the elderly into paying up-front for a product that will never be delivered, police said. The solicitors use fake IDs or name badges and often offer home repair scams.

Eastlake police said residents with questions or concerns about solicitors can contact the police department by phone or email.

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