Lake County Health officials expect large increase in amount of mosquitoes

PAINESVILLE, Ohio - Lake County General Health District officials are expecting an extreme increase in the amount of mosquitoes because of recent heavy rains and flooding.

According to the Lake County General Health District, the flooding left behind large amounts of standing water, in which mosquitoes lay their eggs.

"The best advice is to get rid of standing water around your house if you can and use personal protection," said Terry Kent, Supervisor of Mosquito Control at Lake County General Health District.

Kent provided several tips as well for homeowners to keep mosquitoes from breeding and spreading.

According to Kent, the best ways to limit the amount of mosquitoes in your yard include disposing of anything that may collect water, draining puddles or ditches, eliminating standing water, and using repellent whenever taking part in outdoor activities.

If you have concerns about standing water, you can call the Lake County General Health District at 440-350-2543.

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