Local hardware store gets much-needed boost in business with first big snowfall of the season

MENTOR, Ohio - Local hardware stores are getting a much-needed boost in business with the season's first big snowfall.

"It was nice to get this back and get our business back up as opposed to in the fall where we lost a lot to lawn and leaf bag sales and rakes that we typically would sell," said Blake Grubb, manager at Burger's Ace Hardware in Mentor.

Grubb said a warm fall with leaves falling late in the season affected sales. But he said the store made up for that loss in the last 48 hours with heavy snowfall. 

"A lot of things have gone really quickly," he added.

In the last two days, Grubb said the store has sold all but three of its snow blowers. An entire wall of shovels is nearly bare. Their salt and ice scraper supply are very low.

"It sure seems like we got more in, we were more prepared, and we still ran out," he said.

"It's crazy," said Chuck Cybulski, a Mentor resident. "First one [snowfall] of the year. A lot more than we expected."

Cybulski stopped at Ace Sunday night. He said he measured 14 inches of snow at his house and spent two hours shoveling it before breaking his shovel on a brick. He said he first stopped at Home Depot, but the store was sold out of shovels. He purchased one of the few remaining shovels at Ace.

"Now I can finish the job," he added.

News 5 called Lowe's and Home Depot in Mentor Sunday night. Both stores said they were sold out of shovels.


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