Massive electric transformer to be delivered to FirstEnergy's Perry Nuclear Plant

PERRY TOWNSHIP - The Ohio State Highway Patrol will be restricting traffic throughout Perry Township for the delivery of a massive new electric transformer.

Transformers are used to provide energy to the plant.

This new transformer will act as a back-up for the current transformers already at the plant.

Officials say it is imperative to have a back-up for those transformers because to manufacture a new one could take years.

The new transformer will be able to be installed quickly if any problems should occur with those already on site.

The transformer took three months to arrive in the U.S. because it had to travel from South Korea, where it was made.

The delivery will take place on Wednesday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Roads near the plant will be closed during this time from Fairport Harbor to the Perry plant to ensure safety as this 188,000 pound machine is delivered.


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