Staff at Lake Metroparks releasing rehabilitated American bald eagle into wild

An injured American bald eagle, brought to the Lake Metroparks Wildlife Center in April with a damaged right wing, will be released back into the wild Monday at 1 p.m.

The eagle was found April 1 in the Chagrin River at Pleasant Valley Park in Willoughby Hills with soft tissue damage in the right wing and wing droop, park officials said.

Trained staff at the MetroParks provided professional supportive care, physical therapy and exercise in flight cage for the eagle. Because the eagle did well, staff members feel comfortable releasing it back into the wild.

Lake MetroParks Wildlife Center is currently caring for three American bald eagles, which is helping improve the numbers of this once federally endangered species. 

The other injured bird has a broken wing and is still recovering from surgery. The third bird, Apollo, is a permanent resident, not yet white in the head and tail, with a permanent wing injury. He was hatched from a Lake County nest on private property and is not able to be released into the wild because of the wing injury.

Apollo is on display in the wildlife center yard at Penitentiary Glen Reservation daily.

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