Willoughby police report black bear inside of autobody shop

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio - Police were called out to an autobody shop overnight after a black bear was spotted inside.

Police say the bear has been spotted all over the city in the past several days.

According to Willoughby police, the bear was spotted near Kirkland High School, a BP gas station and along Ridge Road. The bear has also been spotted on Worden Road in Wickliffe, Ohio.

Just after 1 a.m. Monday, Wickliffe Police reported the bear at E.305 and Euclid Avenue before it headed into Willoughby.

The bear fled the autobody shop located near Beidler Road just before 3 a.m. Monday and headed for the railroad tracks near a trailer park.

"This is the first bear siting that i've that i can recall i'm sure there have been some in the past," said Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia of the Willoughby Police Department.

Tartaglia said the bear has evaded police all day, so they're not actively looking for him. He said the bear poses no real threat if left alone.

"The Ohio Department of Natural Resources recommends keeping all food from being outside cause the bears are looking for something to eat," explained Sgt. Tartaglia. "Avoid cornering the bear if you see the bear just let it go and it really has not intention to harm you but he just wants to be left alone."

Police say they are not searching for the animal at this time.

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