23-year-old Elyria woman tells police man tried to abduct her

ELYRIA, Ohio - An Elyria police officer was dispatched to the corner of Broad Street and East River Street on Thursday after there was a report of an attempted abduction.

The 23-year-old victim told police a man, who was in a nearby parking lot, got out of his truck and ran across the street in her direction while she was taking a walk.

The man, who was described as being in his mid 20s and wearing a skull T-shirt, grabbed the woman and picked her up in an attempt to take her back to his truck, the police report said. The woman resisted by kicking and screaming at the man.

The man reportedly let go of the victim and drove away when a nearby car slowed down near the two.

Officers were unable to locate the truck after they arrived on scene.

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