99-year-old Elyria man sets sights on winning gold at National Senior Games in Cleveland

Walt Westermann: Double-threat athlete

ELYRIA, Ohio - It was 94 degrees on a green shuffleboard court behind Wesleyan Senior Living on West Avenue on Thursday. That number still wasn't high enough to beat the age of the man applying a smooth stroke to his gold-colored aluminum stick.

It's ironic that his stick, or if this were deck-shuffleboard, a tang, should be gold in color. That's just what Walt Westermann's wants: a gold medal.

"I've won 90 medals so far, many right here in Ohio and North Carolina, but I also have won the national gold," Westermann said.

Walt said his age-group is a close fraternity for the National Senior Games, which is in Cleveland July 19 to Aug. 1. Not many athletes can stake claim to success in the 95 to 100 age group. But, once there on the big stage, competition is as tough as it gets, said Westermann.

"They're just as anxious to beat you as you are them, so I look forward to it. It's a lot of fun and I've established a lot of relationships," Westermann said.

The weather may have an effect Westermann and his golf competitors at Quail Hollow Golf Course Wednesday, July 24, but his shuffleboard games will be hosted in the new Cleveland Convention Center in downtown Cleveland.

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