Construction workers find underground brewery, beer cellar behind Amherst City Hall

Storm sewer project put on hold

AMHERST Ohio - Construction projects are often riddled with delays. Money issues and weather are common setbacks. But a storm sewer project in the city of Amherst has a rather unusual obstacle.

Construction workers unearthed what appears to be an old brewery located behind Amherst City Hall.

The Amherst Historical Society was quickly contacted to see if they could dig up any information.

"We found out that William Braun had a brewery in this area. He had three underground cellars where he stored the beer," said Matt Nahorn of the Amherst Historical Society.

Nahorn has called for an archeologist to inspect the site. He would like to know if any artifacts remain in the cellar.

"It would be great to further excavate the area and take a look at the cellars to see what they might contain," Nahorn said.

There is an old spring that still flows on the property. It was more than likely used for the production of the beer.

A local newspaper article was discovered from 1954 that shed some light on the history of the Braun brewery:

"Mr. Braun disbanded his brewery (in 1894). In order to protect the children who played down by the spring, the big stone building there was torn down for safety reasons. However, the old cellars, although covered, are still there. One wonders what people will say years from now, if they ever uncover these cellars, and try to determine what they were used for."

Currently, the cellar is covered with a steel plate and surrounded by fencing for safety reasons.

An archeologist will investigate the site next week.

Underground photography courtesy: Mark Costilow

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