Elyria Police make several arrests in fake heroin investigation

ELYRIA, Ohio - Elyria Police confirm that they have arrested several people in an investigation following 23 drug overdoses and two deaths since Friday night in Lorain county.

The investigation follows a spike in medical emergencies beginning Friday, Nov. 8, which were reported as heroin overdoses.

But police soon learned that street-level dealers were selling synthetic fentanyl, a painkiller stronger than morphine, and passing it off as heroin.

Officers seized multiple weapons, heroin and other substances during four raids conducted Wednesday, Elyria Police say. Police also executed three search warrants. But police have not yet determined if the drugs found today are related to the fentanyl that was sold as heroin this weekend.

The Lorain County Drug Task Force and local police have been working to find the source of the 100 percent pure fentanyl since it was identified Tuesday.

Two people were arrested earlier this week in connection with the sale of the pure fentanyl.

A lab has analyzed drugs seized by Elyria Police. The drugs have been identified as three different substances: pure fetynal; a mixture of both heroin and fetynal; and a combination of heroin and a medicine used to treat Malaria called Quinine.

"Today's arrests and raids send a strong aggressive message to drug dealers as our ongoing investigation continues," said Capitan Chris Constantino, of the Elryia Police Department, Wednesday.

Law enforcement is evaluating whether the substances seized Wednesday are connected to the overdoses.

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