Fall is the season to watch out for Bambi

Fall is peak season for deer related crashes

ELYRIA, OH - The Ohio insurance director is warning drivers to be careful, because Fall is the season where the state sees an uptick in deer-related crashes.

"The thing to remember is the most dangerous time for deer crashes is early in the morning," said Sergeant Timothy Hoffman of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "Deer move pretty fast and most are not standing in the middle of the road," he continued.

Lorain County has among the largest deer-related crashes in the state.

From January 2012 to present day, there have been 393 deer-related crashes with two resulting in death.

"[Sometimes] the deer runs right into the car or the side of the car," Hoffman said.

He recommends people wear their seatbelt, but he also advises people not to swerve their vehicle.

"If you see a deer in the road the last thing you want to do is swerve," he said from his post in Elyria. "Break firm and hold the wheel straight. Sometimes swerving can make the crash a lot worse."

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