Lorain County SWAT Team conducts 'active shooter' training Wednesday

SWAT team always learning 'new tactics'

COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP, Ohio - The Lorain County SWAT Team is busy Wednesday, conducting what is now known as "active shooter" training, also known as Rapid Response Deployment.

The training exercise is happening inside the hallways and classrooms of an empty school building in Lorain County's Columbia Township.

Dennis Cavanaugh, commander of the Lorain County SWAT Team, said since the shooting spree years ago in Columbine, there have been a number of school shootings across the country, including in Ohio, so law enforcement agencies are always trying to keep up with learning new tactics.

More recently, police officers who arrive first at the scene are trained to immediately enter the building and confront the shooter, not waiting for a SWAT team to be deployed.

The first responding officer, or officers, are trained for rapid response and will team up with a SWAT member when the SWAT team arrives because it takes time to deploy a SWAT team.

Police agencies from Amherst and Avon Lake are taking part in the training with the Lorain County Sheriff's Department.

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