Neighbors fed up with sex, fights, drinking, drugs and now arsons at Lorain school playground

LORAIN, Ohio - "They're having sex on the playground. They're doing drugs on the playground. They're drinking, they're cussing, they're fighting and there's no control on this playground at all," said Lorain resident Rick Watchorn.  

And if that's not enough, now someone is setting the playgrounds on fire.

Recently, there have been three arsons, one that even charred part of Admiral King Elementary School. Watchorn said the playground there has been taken over by teenagers and adults who party and fight during late night basketball games.

"It's a school for kids 12 years old and we've got 25-year-old men playing basketball and fighting and drinking and cussing. The cussing is terrible," Watchorn said.

Lorain School Superintendent Tom Tucker said police have good surveillance video and are investigating. Watchorn, who has seen men and women urinate on the playground, hopes police have time to give his neighborhood extra attention. A Lorain police officer stopped by to assure neighbors patrols will be increased.

Tucker is calling for a special community meeting on May 29, looking for solutions to what he calls a community-wide issue.

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