North Ridgeville Police Chief's wife pays fine for shoplifting charges, avoids jail time

AVON LAKE, Ohio - The wife of the North Ridgeville police chief accused of shoplifting changed her plea to no contest on Tuesday.

Elaine Freeman, 41, was arrested at the Target in Avon on Nov. 19 with her 2-year-old son. Officers allowed Police Chief Mike Freeman's wife to cover her cuffed hands with a blanket as she pushed her son's stroller to an Avon police cruiser, Avon Mayor James Smith said.

In Avon Lake Municipal Court on Tuesday, Elaine Freeman changed her plea from not guilty. Court documents said she was found guilty and fined $250. She also has to complete an economic crime program and any court-recommended counseling.

She was sentenced to a 30-day suspended sentence, but because she has not previous criminal history, she will not do jail time.

Freeman was accused of stealing "personal products." While under arrest, she sat in a holding cell with her young son.

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