Rally planned after North Ridgeville humane officer shoots five kittens

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio - Outraged residents are planning a rally after a North Ridgeville humane officer shot five kittens in a homeowner's yard.

On Monday, humane officer Barry Accorti went to a house on Vista Lake Way following a complaint about a group of feral cats. He then shot the kittens, which were about 8 to 10 weeks old, while still on the homeowner's property.

North Ridgeville Police Chief Mike Freeman said that after visiting the scene and speaking with the homeowner that he would not impose disciplinary action against Accorti.

"To walk away and leave a safety issue unresolved is irresponsible. At no time does this agency condone or allow the indiscriminate killing of animals, but we will continue to assist residents when there is a safety or nuisance condition," Freeman said.

A group will hold a peaceful rally on Wednesday to show that they will not tolerate a humane officer shooting kittens in a resident's backyard.

The event will be at 7 p.m. at the North Ridgeville Branch Library on Bainbridge Road.

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