Redwood Elementary in Avon Lake scores high on state's performance index

AVON LAKE, Ohio - With a banner on the front of its one-story, red brick facade proclaiming its history, the "Happy 50th Redwood" sign seems to invite five decades of grand-parents, parents and students back through Redwood Elementary School's doors. And with good reason: The school has delivered winners in the shape of solid citizens since 1963.

The latest winners are the third and fourth graders at Redwood who scored 25th out of almost 3,500 Ohio schools on the state's performance index.

Redwood principal T.J. Ebert released a statement last week, in part, claiming, "I am proud to announce that Redwood Elementary ranked 25th out of 3,457 schools throughout the state of Ohio for the highest performance index (111.9)"

In a letter to friends and parents of Redwood, an explanation of how the scores were achieved were spelled out.

"The Performance Index rewards the achievement of every student, not just those who score proficient or higher," wrote Ebert.

For 23-year veteran Redwood fourth-grade teacher Robert Mattey, it comes as hardly a surprise.

"Avon Lake is a community that values learning.They support and they value learning. Our parents are extremely supportive in Avon Lake and the kids are good kids, they're good kids here. You take all those components and you put them together, it equals success," Mattey said.

Anita Jantz already had one child go through the early education curriculum that ends in the fourth grade at Redwood. She now has another there.

So impressed with the school since moving to Avon Lake 15 years ago, Jantz expressed Wednesday that Redwood's teachers have always been there to help her look at how to approach lessons sent home in an effort to encourage the same approach used class.

"They'll help you out with how do I get my kid to want to read more, or do this, and they'll give you all kinds of ideas. But, they truly care. And it's not about just meeting a number, you know. They want to teach them and they want to learn, the kids want to learn because they make it fun," Jantz said.

To meet the performance index level that Redwood did, it had to score in all five performance levels: advanced, accelerated, proficient, basic and limited. 

After each student's score percentage is tallied at each performance level, it is then calculated and multiplied by each point value assigned to that performance level. The levels' points are then totaled to determine each school's performance score.

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