Wild goose chase: Lorain County business owner searches for lost geese near Black River

GRAFTON, Ohio - A Lorain County business owner and her coworkers are going on a wild goose chase Tuesday, literally.

The Owner of Ziggy's Friends and Paws Inn the Woods located at 14228 Indian Hollow Road has lost her geese.

On Monday, June Arnesen and several other helpers scattered Monday to try and lure the 15 geese out of the Black River and back to Arnesen's farm.

This is the first time the geese have fled the farm in over a decade. Arnesen said there it's because of a raccoon attack, where several farm ducks were killed a week ago.

The scared geese have now fled to the heavily wooded MetroParks, where they remained Tuesday morning,

Arnesen and her crew, along with the help of several dogs ,will be back out trying to channel the geese back to safety.

If the river rises, the geese could be swallowed up. They do not have the same survival techniques as Canada Geese.

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